Earth Day 2009

April 21, 2009

Our friend Howard Rheingold hosts the Church of Mt. Tam. Howard sends an email to his list a month in advance to assemble in his garden to prepare for a walk on the Church of Mt. Tam in Marin County, California. Howard has an eclectic group of friends who are fascinating to walk with for an hour or two. The exercise is genuine, the conversation is stimulating and the vistas are breathtaking!

Hippy Hill, Golden Gate Park

April 20, 2009

I was driving my wife Helvetica to a meeting at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. When we entered the park, it just happened to be 4:20pm on 4/20/2009. A large roar was heard from Hippy Hill at that moment. People were streaming into that area as we drove to toward the DeYoung. I dropped my wife off, parked the car and walked back to Hippy Hill where about 10,000 people were celebrating 420. It was a thrilling atmosphere filled with a multi-cultural crowd of human beings who shared the value of imbibing in marijuana.

Ocean Beach 4-19-2009

April 19, 2009

April in San Francisco often has splendid weather. Driving home from work, I often cruise through Golden Gate Park which has less traffic and is a really great way to de-stress from the pressures of working. This particular day was really quite beautiful with weather in the 80s. Ocean Beach is at the west end of Golden Gate Park. It is a 2 mile long beach on the Pacific Ocean with the Cliff House restaurant at the north end, the Beach Chalet Brew Pub in the middle, and lots of treacherous rip-tides. San Franciscans flock to Ocean Beach when the weather is warm. Ocean Beach is regulated by the 48 degree water with a cool  ocean breeze often laden with fog. When the breeze is off-shore meaning the wind blows from the east where the land is warm, the temperature at the beach reaches the 80s and 90s. This happens only a handful of weeks per year. This was one of those days!

The Exploratorium After Dark

April 16, 2009

The Exploratorium is a stimulating, interactive museum space in San Francisco created by Frank Oppenheimer, brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer, lead scientist on the Manhattan Project that created the Atom Bomb. Oppenheimer realized the detrimental effect of the Manhattan project and decided put his energy into teaching people, in particular young people, through hands on, interactive experience all about various aspects of scientific disciplines.

The Exploratorium After Dark series was conceived and created a team led by Melissa Alexander. Every Thursday in April of 2009, the Exploratorium remained open until 9pm. One particular Thursday, the Mind Shaft Society embarked on the Exploratorium to research and examine the science exhibits that stimulated and inspired our imaginations.

Crown of Devolution

April 11, 2009

The Crown of Devolution was created to commence the Mind Shaft Society recreation from the yearly Expedition to present the findings at Burning Man. Devolution is the opposite of Evolution which is the Burning Man 2009 Theme. The Mind Shaft Society first examined the experience of devolving in order to explore the essence of evolving. The Crown of Devolution installation exhibits the creative use of organic material that is devolving through its natural cycle.

Dr. Really? and Dr. Fabio excavated organic detritus to create the Crown of Devolution.

St. Stupid Day Parade

April 1, 2009

Bishop Joey, secular leader of the First Church of the Last Laugh, a light religion, a snack food religion, hosts the annual St. Stupid Day Parade in honor the patron saint of parking meters and civilization. It occurs on April 1st at noon in San Francisco at the foot of Market Street during the week, and at the Pointy Building on weekends. You may be a member. Take the test.

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