The Exploratorium After Dark

The Exploratorium is a stimulating, interactive museum space in San Francisco created by Frank Oppenheimer, brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer, lead scientist on the Manhattan Project that created the Atom Bomb. Oppenheimer realized the detrimental effect of the Manhattan project and decided put his energy into teaching people, in particular young people, through hands on, interactive experience all about various aspects of scientific disciplines.

The Exploratorium After Dark series was conceived and created a team led by Melissa Alexander. Every Thursday in April of 2009, the Exploratorium remained open until 9pm. One particular Thursday, the Mind Shaft Society embarked on the Exploratorium to research and examine the science exhibits that stimulated and inspired our imaginations.


One Response to The Exploratorium After Dark

  1. Beau Takahara says:

    I work at the Exploratorium, and it was actually created by Frank Oppenheimer, the brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer. You can see the history on the Exploratorium’s website. Many people do get confused about this point.

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