Ocean Beach 4-19-2009

April in San Francisco often has splendid weather. Driving home from work, I often cruise through Golden Gate Park which has less traffic and is a really great way to de-stress from the pressures of working. This particular day was really quite beautiful with weather in the 80s. Ocean Beach is at the west end of Golden Gate Park. It is a 2 mile long beach on the Pacific Ocean with the Cliff House restaurant at the north end, the Beach Chalet Brew Pub in the middle, and lots of treacherous rip-tides. San Franciscans flock to Ocean Beach when the weather is warm. Ocean Beach is regulated by the 48 degree water with a cool  ocean breeze often laden with fog. When the breeze is off-shore meaning the wind blows from the east where the land is warm, the temperature at the beach reaches the 80s and 90s. This happens only a handful of weeks per year. This was one of those days!


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