Pataphysical Slot Machine

May 4, 2010

The Pataphysical Slot Machine is a conceptual, hallucinatory work of art conceived by Dr. Rheinbrain, Dr. Fabio and Dr. Really?, senior anthropologists at the Mind Shaft Society. The Pataphysical Slot Machine’s working title is called the Wonderbox. This video describes the fabrication process of the mock-up before actual construction commences.


Los Trampanaros at WestFest 2009

November 9, 2009

WestFest Рa celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, was held on October 24, 2009 in Golden Gate Park.

The Intrepid Traveler and his band of Merry Pranksters joined Eli Babbs’ band Lost Creek on the East Stage for a performance of Los Spontaneros!

Three Goats in twenty-eight seconds!

November 8, 2009

Three Goats in twenty-three seconds from Martinelli Road off of Lytton Springs Road above Dry Creek Valley, California.

The Really? Room on 10-4-2009

October 6, 2009

This is what is in the Really? Room on 10-4-2009

Simon Babbs Paging AreWeReally?

May 4, 2009

The Bus Further, the original and the duplicate, reside in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. The Keseys and the Babbses and assorted Merry Pranksters continue generating the impeccable DNA spawning old memories and new experiences. Can you tell the difference?

The Exploratorium After Dark

April 16, 2009

The Exploratorium is a stimulating, interactive museum space in San Francisco created by Frank Oppenheimer, brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer, lead scientist on the Manhattan Project that created the Atom Bomb. Oppenheimer realized the detrimental effect of the Manhattan project and decided put his energy into teaching people, in particular young people, through hands on, interactive experience all about various aspects of scientific disciplines.

The Exploratorium After Dark series was conceived and created a team led by Melissa Alexander. Every Thursday in April of 2009, the Exploratorium remained open until 9pm. One particular Thursday, the Mind Shaft Society embarked on the Exploratorium to research and examine the science exhibits that stimulated and inspired our imaginations.

Sunset over Mavericks

March 3, 2009

Helvetica and I took a road trip to the Del Monte Forest and Carmel Valley stopping along the way to replenish our stock of artichokes. Pezzini Farms in Castroville in the Salinas River Delta on the lip of Monterey Bay grows the yummiest artichokes. We find the smaller ones are among the best. The heavy rain storms that lasted a week on the California coast subsided briefly on our ride north, home to San Francisco, so we opted for the ride on Highway One through Santa Cruz up the San Mateo County coastline to Half Moon Bay.

We often stop at the Princeton Seafood store at Pillar Point Harbor which always has fresh fish and dungeness crab when in season. This trip, we bought some ocean caught Alaskan Salmon then drove out to the Pillar Point radar station where we walked to the beach to view Mavericks.

Watch what it was like…

Pillar Point is north of Half Moon Bay, California and has several anthropological interests. One is the Princeton Seafood Company that sells the freshest of fish from the fleet in the adjacent harbor. A mile or so west of the seafood shop is a unique aspect of the continental shelf now known as Mavericks where some of the world’s largest surf occurs under the right conditions from swells commencing in the eastern Pacific between January and April.

Ocean Beach 1-11-2009

January 12, 2009

The first warm day of 2009 at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The retaining wall is graffiti’d, people are wondering the beach, the surf is up, it was a splendid day in the neighborhood!

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