Mind Shaft Society Maid Service

September 26, 2009

The Mind Shaft Society encounters arduous conditions on our Expeditions. We travel with a kitchen staff, a facilities staff, and a cleaning staff. This video visualizes the Mind Shaft Society Maid Service cleaning one of the shade structures in the early morning.

The Exploratorium After Dark

April 16, 2009

The Exploratorium is a stimulating, interactive museum space in San Francisco created by Frank Oppenheimer, brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer, lead scientist on the Manhattan Project that created the Atom Bomb. Oppenheimer realized the detrimental effect of the Manhattan project and decided put his energy into teaching people, in particular young people, through hands on, interactive experience all about various aspects of scientific disciplines.

The Exploratorium After Dark series was conceived and created a team led by Melissa Alexander. Every Thursday in April of 2009, the Exploratorium remained open until 9pm. One particular Thursday, the Mind Shaft Society embarked on the Exploratorium to research and examine the science exhibits that stimulated and inspired our imaginations.

Here’s Johnny

January 12, 2009

Dr. Really? and Dr. Johnny Rhinebrain embarked on an Urban Expedition to Yerba Buena Gardens and discovered the excellent exhibits at SFMOMA. Among the highlight was a visit to Blue Bottle Coffee at 5th and Mission behind the old San Francisco MInt.

Christmas Day Walk

December 26, 2008

Freddy and Helvetica go for a walk to see the movie Doubt on Christmas Day.

Mind Shaft Society

July 28, 2008


Elvis Island Immigration Station

Elvis Island Immigration Station




Elvis Island Immigration Station

Elvis Island Immigration Station

Saturday, July 26, was a turning point, make it over the hump kind of day in the Mind Shaft. Uncle Sam’s Elvis Island Immigration Station hardware fabrication was completed except for a few minor tweaks yet to be done. The creative process is now well under way with paint and stain being applied, and the audio and video editing is about to commence. Dr. Rheinbrain, the extraterrestrial anthropologist, and Dr. Fabio, the renowned French anthropologist, are simultaneously working on their large round icons that will reside on each side of Elvis Island Immigration Station. The book table is complete, the new books need to be fabricated. Dr. Gee Whiz repurposed the head from Skjerry back to Skelvis. There is nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

Skelvis from Freddy Hahne on Vimeo.

Dr. Fabio's Big Wheel

Dr. Fabio's Big Wheel